Teach & Leach

Hounds Hippie Hoopla Parties

After reading the book, you’re ready to start fishing at the Hounds Hippie Hoopla lake, where you can dangle your worm.
Teach & Leach have already shown you how to fish, now it is time to quit dreaming and start living the fantasy.

Teach and Leach books and parties are designed to give people the freedom to open their minds,
the freedom to express their desires, and the freedom to fulfill their fantasies.

 This is your ticket to fantasy fulfillment

Support the Revival of the Hippie Movement

There are millions who can still remember the happiness as they groove from the rock music of that era but those numbers are declining. This is why it is imperative that we start reviving the spirit of the 60s "free love" era now, before it becomes ONLY a footnote in American history.

Show Your Support of the hippie era,
by Creating your very own Commercial:


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