Teach & Leach


End of the World

“Save your Soul"


What would you pay to save your soul? Just in case…


Politicians, religious leaders, historians, celebrities and other experts agree that we are in very critical times. Everywhere we look we see signs that the end of the world is near.


Are you prepared for this terrible tragedy?


You can right your wrongs, do more good deeds, spend more time helping others and of course, attending your place of worship. But that takes much time, much effort, and way too much money. We have another answer and it is much easier and much, much cheaper.


We have a better solution for your salvation.


We are Teach & Leach, known to many as the Heavenly Hounds of Holy Hoopla. Our flock of faithful followers truly believe that we have a special connection with the Man upstairs, not to be confused with the Man downstairs. So just in case the experts are right, we have developed our very own “Save your Soul” insurance. This insurance is available to all people of all beliefs and our brethren furry friends. The good, the bad, and yes the ugly. In fact, all sinners our welcomed.


Remember: One certificate per soul.

Example: If there are four in your family (husband, wife, child, and dog), you will need insurance for each. In this example, you need to purchase 4 certificates. DUH!!!

 The Heavenly Hounds authorize you to personally fill in the name on each certificate that you receive after purchase.

You can order our End of the World “Save your Soul” insurance certificate which was heavenly inspired and is suitable for framing.


Each certificate has been sprinkled with our own special eternal salvation water.

Each certificate has been certified and embossed and is personally signed by Teach & Leach.


We even throw in our ONE MILLION DOLLAR or money-back guarantee!!!


Display to everyone that when the world comes to an end, you don’t.


Your soul is saved.


All of this salvation and eternal life is available to you for less than the price of a haircut… matter of fact, it is FREE.



Get Ready, Get Set, GO!

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