Teach & Leach


Aliens UFO

 Teach and Leach, known as the world famous Hounds of Fantasy fulfillment,
have a special connection and a long term relationship with their interplanetary alien friends.

The Hounds give their 2 furry paws up and they give their 7 slimy finger salute
(which is a lot better than what others usually give them, the 1 finger salute).

The next time you hear about a UFO buzzing around the desert in Nevada and/or the mountains of Colorado, it could very well be because they just finished one of their many rendezvous with Teach and Leach,
planning the next Hounds Hippie Hoopla party.

It seems their alien friends are almost as curious about their book as
the Government’s Super-Secret UFO Agency.

Perhaps Teach and Leach should instead be known as
the Interplanetary Hounds of Fantasy Fulfillment.






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