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Are Teach & Leach to blame for Congressman Weiner’s outrageous actions?

We heard that Congressman Anthony Weiner is a big Teach & Leach fan. He must have read the Fantasy Fulfillment in Vegas book by Teach & Leach and vowed to start living out some of his secret adult fantasies…OPPS!!!

We are flattered that he might be a fan, but come on, DUDE, Keep It in Your Pants!!!


Did you read the parts of our book about discretion, the parts about returning home with no evidence that could destroy your relationship, or your career?

Congressman Weiner, you are a well-known, highly respected politician, did you really think nobody would ever find out?


Once again, we are very flattered if you read and enjoyed our book, but we are also very disappointed if our book played in your decision to actually carry out these outrageous actions.







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